Oh! The politics!

Where do I even start? 2020 has been a crazy year. And the politics has been crazier. Everything from people accusing Donald Trump of almost everything happening in the world, to China just trying to take advantage of everything they can. It has been a crazy time.

But I think this is mainly because all of us have access to so much information. I truly believe that this craziness has always been there but we are just starting to notice more of it.

Obviously during the lockdowns we had a LOT more time on our hands. And so we started digging into the stories that we cared about.

But I also think that we now have more time for leisure on our hands than any generation before. I don’t think our ancestors had enough time to even care about politics as much as we do these days. Sure, they would discuss it during easter or halloween but that’s about it.

Nowadays all of us have 1-2 hours in the day to spend time on Facebook or other forums on the internet and argue with people about things that probably won’t affect us in our daily life.

It’s an interesting thing to think about.